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We are experts in trading , manufacturing and education industry with a cluster of highly experienced, committed team.
What that means is you are going to get the perfect solution for your business and career in Europe.


We are one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading, manufacturing and B2B management firms.We are in the education industry to develop young professionals with competitive advantages for the European job market.Our technical training centres in India,sharpen students to conquer the world.Synergy’s International HR service support any student or job seeker to build his career in top level companies.

What We are

A combination of different activities in a business which starts from the manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, business development ,trading of goods and services,international education,technical training and develop better Human resource to run entire activities in the whole chain of raw material process to desired product to the consumer pocket from one end to another end of the world

Education Service

Our Education website helps students to choose industrial oriented studies in Europe and make a better career in Europe.

Industrial Support

We provide quality assistance in the industries for their better performance optimum utilization of their resources for the industry.We do business re engineering works in both technical and managerial 

B2B Trading

We have more than 20 countries draw together the world of trading of chemicals and machinery, Hospital equipments and FMCG product for a long time.

Technical Training

 Synergy’s technical institutes  provides short term courses for students in German standard.  We  provide training and job assistance for technical and management students in world class companies in Europe.

Synergy Tech

We offer holistic project approach from product design through engineering expertise, designing system architecture and further development in ERP and Mobile applications.

HR Solution

Synergy  provides complete human resource support to our client in both technical and managerial domains for their business operation.through our job portal   “ “,students and job seekers can apply directly to our cli

We Deal Globally


Metals & Minerals

Industrial Plastics

Automobile Parts

Medical Equipments

Electrical Machines

Industrial Equipments

Machinery Parts

Electronics Parts

Server Equipments

Optical Apparatus


Latest Industrial Projects

Six Sigma Quality in Aluminuim Casting

Industrial Automation- SCADA Project

Process Improvement in Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Waste Re Processing

Our Services

We develop buinsess.We help make trade happen. We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful
to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

We Educatue.We train.We support students to boost their career.We provide skilled man power to the companies to run their projects -Efficiently and cost saving form

B2B Solution

SYNERGY’s core business is physical trading and logistics; our assets and investments complement and enhance these activities. Customers for chemical  and petroleum products , electric equipments, mechinaries,food products.Metal and minerals customers range from mining companies to smelters, refined metals retailers and industrial manufacturers.We add value at every stage of production and supply chain.

Clients : 350

Synergy Tech

Since 2017, SYNERGY International has been helping enterprise organizations to achieve competitive advantages, respond to changing market demands and optimize their processes by introducing innovative custom software. We offer holistic project approach from product design through engineering expertise, designing system architecture and further development. SYNERGY International understands how important role innovative software plays in today’s business. We are proud of many developed projects with successful track record for various organizations around the globe..We develop ERP s and mobile apps for our customers by providing a proper business strategy

Clients : 174

European Education service

Study2Europe is the overseas educational consultancy wing of Synergy International Group Enterprises, a leading organization who has operations in Europe and India. Synergy International was incorporated in 2017 to equip and guide scores of students, as they strive to pursue their higher education on distant shores. Study2Europe provides students with best in class personalized counselling and comprehensive assistance every step of the way.Synergy established Synergy Institute of Technology (SIT) and have our presence in the main cities of India, through which we provide Industry Oriented short-term courses for students at German standard. We educate and train those students and job seekers by equipping and uplifting their career by providing training and placement assistance in almost all the fields.

Clients : 174

HR Services

SYNERGY International supports our clients by providing qualified and experienced professional, especially in IT, manufacturing and other service Industries.We recruit man power from different part of the world ,according to the client recruiting strategy and provide industry ready manpower for the clients.We do job campaigns in different cities and conduct pre screening and different levels of interviews to get suitable professional.

Clients : 350

Industrial Projects

SYNERGY International provides inspection and quality assurance services and six sigma projects to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry vertical.Our third -party quality assurance services results in improved product quality,process re innovation with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.

Clients : 350

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Synergy International is a multinational company which provide Services in various sectors like B2B trading, IT service,Abroad Education,Techmnical Training and International HR service.Synergy mainly focus on European market by taking services from India.

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