FAQ s for Student Admission 2019

Regarding Study Program

Q. How can I plan abroad study program?

“Study in abroad is not an easy .For that you must prepare mentally, financially and find a
good career development course and university and do the preparation for that.”

Q. I am just a fresher/newly pass out in this year. Can I apply study program in Europe?

“Yes, You can.”

Q. Is IELTS score is mandatory to study in Europe?

“No. It depends on country and which university you chose. For example, If you want to
study in Poland, no need of IELTS. But if it’s in Germany, IELTS is mandatory”

Q. What are the documents should I submit to get the study visa

“We need the photocopies of your passport front and back page,10 th ,12 th and graduation
certificates, English medium study certificate from the college, motivation letter from the ,1
digital photograph and financial support documents. For more details, mail to us
(info@study2europe.com ) or fill the contact form in our website www.study2europe.com. Our
education expert will contact you within 24 hr.”

Q. Which course I can chose for higher studies?

“Its fully depends on the candidates’ interest. Go through our course page. You can find
various industrial oriented job focused higher education program. Pick few of them and search
in the internet for knowing what exactly it is.Then contact us by call or website forms. Our
education expert will call you and guide you in very practical manner which course you can
choose and how can you get jobs after completion of your studies.”

Q. I have 2 years of experience after my engineering. Can I apply for higher studies in Europe? If yes then how can I choose a perfect course?

“It’s a very good question. If you have experience in any field, try to choose a master
course in that field. A European degree with few years’ experience will enhance your
chance of getting jobs in Multinational companies like IBM, Hyundai, and
Volkswagen…Share your work experience details with our career expert, within 2 working days, he will do current job market study and let you know which course you
can opt for higher education. Our career expert will give you a clear picture of how
much salary you can earn after completion of your course.”

Q. What is the duration of the B.tech program in Europe?

“Normally its 4 years. (3.5 years study and 6 months internship)”

Q. What is the duration of the Master programs in Europe?

“Normally it takes 2 years (1.5 years study and 6 months Internship)”

Jobs & internships

Q. What are the advantages of the internship?

“Internship is a practical training program which you had studies in your entire course in
Europe. You have to apply in good companies after completion of your theoretical
studies in the universities. During Internship training, you will come to know in which
filed you can set your career after the studies. And most of the good companies provide
payment for their trainees during internship period.”

Q. Is it possible to get the job after internship in the same company?

“Yes. Almost all good companies provide employment/job contract after the internship
depends on the performance of the candidate.”

Q. Is study2europe helps to get internships in Europe?

“Yes. We support our students to provide internship programs in good companies”

Q. how much salary I can expect after my studies in Europe?

“It’s Depends up on the companies and which country you get placed in Europe. For
example, after completion of your masters in engineering in Europe and got a job in
Germany monthly salary for a fresher candidate is 2500 to 3500 Euros/month (Approx.
Rs.2.5 lakhs/month) and fora 2 years experienced person, it’s around 4500 euros
(Approx. Rs.3.7 lakhs/month)”

Q. If I do my masters in Poland, is it possible for me to work in Germany?

“Yes, of course you can work. If you study any one of the European member country,
that degree has value anywhere in Europe.”

Q. What are the job oriented courses available in Europe now?

“Please visit our course page

Q. How do I come to know about new jobs in Europe?

“Please visit our Job page. We update new jobs for young professionals every week”

Q. Is it possible to do part time jobs along with my studies?

“Yes, you can .As a student legally you can work 4 hours in a day, and 20 hours in a week.”

Q. For doing part time job, is it possible for me to manage my expenses in Europe?

“Yes. The part time job amount is sufficient to handle your monthly expenses.”

Q. Will study2Europe helps me to a part time job?

“Yes, we support our students to get a part time job in Europe after getting their study

Q. I want to know about stay back period in Europe?

“It’s the time period provide by the country in Europe for the students after completion
of their studies for searching the job. Usually students get minimum 1 year stay back period to
search a job in Europe”

Q. How can I find a job after my studies in Europe?

“Contact our career expert by email or Contact form in our website .You will get a call
within 24 hr. He will assist you by creating resumes to till fixing your appointment for interview
in our client’s firms. You can search jobs in our European job portal www.job2europe.com we
update the jobs and internships available in our client companies in the job portal.”

Fees & scholarships

Q. How much fee, should I pay for the entire program?

“Its fully depends up on the course, university and the country you select in Europe.
There is no common fee for higher studies in Europe. Normally the course fee starts from Rs.4.5
lakhs and up to 20 lakhs. It vary country to country”

Q. Do I show any bank balance for applying the study visa?

“It varies country to country. But a minimum of 3.5 lakhs & up to 8 lakhs. For
more details, mail to us (info@study2europe.com ) or fill the contact form in our website
www.study2europe.com. Our education expert will contact you within 24 hr.”

Q. Is it any chance to get scholarship in Europe?

“Yes .Some scholarship programs are available there. For more information, please mail
to us (info@study2europe.com ) or fill the contact form in our website www.study2europe.com.
Our education expert will contact you within 24 hr.”

Q.do you provide any free courses in Europe?

“Yes. We provide zero fee courses or 100 % scholarship courses. For more details, please
mail to us (info@study2europe.com ) or fill the contact form in our website
www.study2europe.com. Our education expert will contact you within 24 hr.”

Visa processing

Q. When the courses will start?

“In Europe, normally 2 intakes .one is in October and other is in February.”

Q. For February batch course, when do I start my visa processing’s?

“Because of the huge application flow, you must start the study visa application as soon
as possible. It’s better to do the paper works very soon. Getting appointment in the embassy for
document submission is very difficult nowadays for last minute applications.”

Q. How much normally Europe visa processing takes?

“It depends up on country to country. For example, for Poland, it takes 2 months and
Germany it extends up to 4 to 6 months also.”

Q. Can you explain the visa procedure?

“Study visa processing is a step by step activity. To come to know the whole procedure,
please mail to us (info@study2europe.com ) or fill the contact form in our website
www.study2europe.com. Our education expert will contact you within 24 hr.”

Study in Europe

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