Scope of Digital marketing in abroad

Scope of digital marketing in Abroad

Do you love posting on Facebook, Instagram or snapchat? Do you have thousands of followers? Do you love engaging with people via digitally. Then you may be the one who will pursue your career in Digital Marketing. Marketing course is for those who analysis their pitch everyday what changes should I do for closing the leads. Do you remember when was the last you use the pamphlet for getting a discount from the supermarket? Think once….. 🙁 Definitely, it’s a long time. So, that’s the reason the way of marketing is totally changed. As very large number of people are using the internet. Then why the company uses traditional marketing. so, the scenario is the scope of digital marketing is changed. 

Scope of digital marketing in

Washing powder Nirma Washing powder Nirma. No. Stop singing “Dhoodh si safedi Nirma se aaye…”. I know this jingle is deeply rooted in your childhood memories and is an instant source of sweet nostalgia. This is also a marketing strategy. But now the way of marketing is changed. Marketing is no more about the T.V. ads, Pamphlets or leaflets. Now, the way of marketing is totally changed. Marketing has become about reaching out to you on your mobile screens, about social media, about being the relevant suggestion when you search for something on Google, about the email subject lines you can’t resist and about “I was just thinking of buying a bag, why is the Amazon ad of bags following me on Facebook and Instagram?” It’s an interesting na. The marketing people are also enjoying their job. scope of digital marketing in

Scope of digital marketing in

What is Digital Marketing?

The way of marketing through the internet is known as Digital marketing. Digital marketing means use the platform and audience who want your services and show your ads again ‘n’ again until he/she will purchase our products. The technology is going faster n faster, a professional in the digital marketing field is likely to be involved in multiple aspects of marketing. The scope of digital marketing in these fields is very high. Here, are some area where you can make a career in digital marketing :-

Scope of digital marketing in

Marketing Automation
Brand Management
Web Designing and Web Development
Social Media Marketing
Content Curation and Content Management
Marketing Strategy
Editing and Copywriting
Data Analytics
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Interactive Technology (such as ML, AI etc)

Don’t worry. You don’t have to be an expert in all these areas. However, for a successful career in digital marketing, it is advisable to get training in two to three of the above-mentioned areas.
But see, as digital marketing is like a Universe even not universe its like GALAXY ( Sounds good ), the competition is also like a mount everest. You need to be an expert in at least 2 or 3 fields so that you must have a marginal opportunity.

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Career opportunity


scope of digital marketing in
Students who are doing this course have lots of doubts regarding this course like :- What is the scope of digital marketing in India or abroad, job prospects, what are the percentage of jobs in marketing and etc, etc… So, don’t need to worry we are going to share all the details regarding the opportunity of the course. As the user of the Internet is frequently increasing day-by-day. So, obviously you have great career in Digital marketing. The future of digital marketing is booming in the entire universe. In 2016 there were around 1.5 lakh jobs in Digital marketing, followed by 8 lakh in 2019. Our Prime Minister is also promoting the way of digitally in India. So, just think what is the scope of Digital Marketing in India or Abroad. India is in the 3rd place in e-commerce industry following by the USA and UK. scope of digital marketing in

List of the universities who provide Digital Marketing courses :-

. Coventry Univesity
. University of South Wales
. Birmingham City University
. Nottingham Trent University
. Lublin university of Technology
. Kozminski University
. KEMA Business School
. leonard de Vinci
. University of Boras
. Karlstad University
. Linnaeus University

All the information regarding courses, university and scope are in front of you. Take a ONE-on-ONE session with our expert and get enroll for your dream course. scope of digital marketing in abroad
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