What is a Bonafide certificate? Procedure for apply?

We must STUMBLED the term “BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE” while we are filling the application form OR in the document submission. How could you get it? For bonafide certificate, we have to do some course or what? Well, you don’t need to make assumptions anymore. Today we are going to share all the details regarding a BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE.


Bona fide is a Latin term meaning “good faith” OR without intention of deceiving. BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE is a legal document which shows that you are the part of educational institute or company.

It is a kind of document or proof that you were the part or working in a particular institution or company or firm or organization. BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE is a document which is issued as a proof that an individual belongs to the particular education institute or a particular organisation. It is a certificate of proof that he/ she is a student or employee of a particular class, course or company in the during a specified time period.


The certificate is demanded when someone is looking for Job or applying in a university. Sometimes it also required when you applied for education loans to study abroad. Some university also needs that certificate to verify your past qualification. So, it depends for which purpose you want to use. You might be use as a student or as a employee.

For student purpose bonafide certificate may mainly be to verify their academic institution or study loan, Visa concession and many more…

For employee bonafide certificate may mainly be to verify for your last job experience or for open a new bank account attached bonafide certificate with other document.


Bonafide Certificate

Let us take an example that you are the student and you want to apply for bonafide certificate. Now what you have to do is that you have to apply in writing to the head of institution or department OR you’re the college student of First or Second year, now you want to change your university for that you might be need that certificate. Everytime you have to apply in writing to the Head of your Institution.

As an employee, you have to produce in writing your request demanding a certificate from the concerned authority, mainly addressed to the head of the organization.

The time taken for issuing a bonafide certificate varies across institutes and organizations. Usually, the certificate is issued on their printed letterhead along with the stamp and a signature of the concerned authority.

Documents required for BONAFIDE CERTIFICATE

Now, we are going to share, What are the documents required for Certificate.
As from the begning of the blog, we are taking two example viz: student or employee. So, the documents for both as a student or as an employee are different.

As a student, your certificate must contain your university name, the level of your education, your entrance number and the course details. Documents required for certificate :
. An application form
. Written application
. OR fee receipt

Now as an employee, certificate mention your designation, your work role, or contact information. Documents required for that certificate :
. Salary Slip
. Copy of your employee ID

OR other such relevant details about the employer. 🙂

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