Study in Poland

Study In Poland

  1. Poland’s tradition of academic education goes back to 1364 when King Casimir established known today as Jagiellonian University.
  2. Poland is a dynamic member of the European Union and it is now among popular destination for study abroad aspirants.
  3. It has over 400 universities and more than 800 programs taught in English.
  4. It is an active member of the bologna process.
  5. The quality of education provided is monitored and regularly evaluated.
  6. Competitive cost of studying and living.
  7. Vibrant student life and great culture- Having 6 Nobel Prize winners in the different field high -quality universities.

Poland is situated in the center of Europe; Poland is among the largest and most populous countries in the region. It enjoyed strong economic growth in recent years. The most popular cities in Poland as study options include Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan & Gdansk.

Vistula University

Vistula University was founded in 1992 as the second non-public University in Poland and accredited by the state Accreditation committee.

Why study at Vistula University

  1. Prestigious diploma
  2. Earn practical knowledge.
  3. Study in the international environment
  4. University will prepare students for an international career.
  5. Sports section available for all students.
  6. Study on a modern campus.
  7. Variety of study options.
  8. First place in the prestigious ranking published by “Perspektywy” in 2018 in the category of internationalization.
  9. Vistula University received a “University of leaders” Platinum certificate in 2019.
  10. Vistula won ACCA in 2017 one of the most important and prestigious accreditations in the field of finance and accounting.
  11. Member of CEEMAN (Central and Eastern European Management Development Association).
  12. Brilliant Faculty of experts.
  13. International student exchange programs.
  14. Student clubs where you can pursue your passions.
  15. Partner companies cooperated with Vistula University like Alior Bank, PLUS, Emmerson, City hand Lowy, Saint-Gobain Adecco and many more.
  16. Students of Vistula university are getting different opportunities
  17. A Vista- is an online student scientific paper series of Vistula University, publishing texts in Polish and English covering issues related to all fields of study at AFiB Vistula.
  18. Student Council.
  19. Vistula mentoring- Aim of this is to make new students University Life simpler comfortable meaningful and colorful.
  20. Chat with existing students of Vistula University.

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