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Top 10 mistakes students make while Studying Abroad

Most of the Indians are looking forward to studying abroad for better prospects. Picking a country for bachelors or masters is one of the most important decisions and amazing experience. Study abroad new cultures, new languages, and new friends along the way.

We’ve put together a list of some common mistakes when it comes to studying abroad:

studying Abroad
  • Not learning the Local Language: Before you’re heading overseas for your higher study, try to learn the local language. Local language gives you more confidence that you add on one more skill. Forcing yourself to speak the local language. While you speak the local language the more native will interact with you. Learning a language takes time but local people definitely appreciate your efforts. This will help you in learning your subject most appropriate and will help you find the best job in the industry.
  • Making friends only from home country: Not hesitate to make new friends. Studying abroad gives you additional benefits to explore or make new friends. You’ll learn about their culture and find yourself more confidence. Definitely, it takes time to understand each other. But it feels amazing.
  • Traveling too much: With many low-cost airlines and train routes available in Overseas, it can be tempting to pack your bags and hop to another nearby city for the weekend hits. But this constant traveling can mean that you lose out on experiencing what the city you’re living in offers in terms of entertainment, nightlife, and weekend activities. Maybe you’re missing open-air market weekend just next to your block. So, explore yourself acc. to your time and budget.
  • Studying Abroad
  • Enough Loan: Maybe you’re the one who takes an education loan for your abroad study that doesn’t mean you’ve too many bucks. Neverland in trouble. Taking a loan is very easy but repaying is very difficult. This keeps you and your family also in trouble.
  • Insufficient research : Not having the right information or inadequate research about the chosen subject or University can lead to more misunderstanding, which can further result in rejection of the student’s application. It is important to prepare a list of questions viz: accommodation, university fee, traveling expenses, crime ratio, and miscellaneous, try to resolve your question from using the internet or take advice from experts.
  • Ignoring your friends and family at home : Definitely not, you don’t have to ignore your parents or friends. When you have an amazing time meeting new people traveling and explore the new country, it can be easy to forget. Not make any excuse that calling abroad is costly. Modern technology, we have lots of social media platform like WhatsApp, Messenger, Imo, FaceTime, Skype and many more. It helps you to get in touch with your parents. Don’t let them think that you forget.
  • Not attending events: Try to attend the event as much as you can. This is one of the key ways you will meet people – and not just regular people, studying abroad people. People that likely don’t have any friends yet and are in the exact same boat as you. Be outgoing!
  • Don’t need any external advice: You may think that you’ll apply for university or handle each and everything yourself. But sometimes you might get lost with certain things and definitely you want to support. In that case, when you come to us, Our counselors will guide you the whole process of the university application and with visas and pre-departure information. We’ll also let you know some adventurous places for enjoyment.
  • Going home for the holidays: Every student want to go their home on holidays but we’re saying don’t do this. Explore the city on holidays. Try to learn something new or different. It won’t happen again. Try to explore the maximum things.
  • Jobs: If your aim is to see yourself working after completing your degree from a university abroad, chances are you would want to study a course that helps you get a job. You might want to cut down a few courses from the list you made earlier because not every course will be worth spending money on.
  • Happy Studying Abroad

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